#SleekTruckerStory (Igor Brito)

One of the reasons America can start to press forward is because of those working on the front lines. The Sleek Fleet carrier network, made up of America’s hardest working drivers, continues to haul essential freight into hard hit areas. Here’s another #SleekTruckerStory.   Igor Brito, an independent driver from New Jersey, moves loads in and around the northeast region. As we know, many things have changed for those who work in transportation. Igor has noticed longer processing times at origin   pick up and destination drop off locations. It’s now reported that carriers all over the country are experiencing delays, due to a number of reasons including understaffed warehouse facilities.   Despite the many obstacles caused by Covid-19, drivers and receivers are working together to #KeepAmericaMoving. Igor said he’s happy to help during this difficult time. To remain healthy, he has taken extra steps to eliminate risk. Here are Igor’s top tips when hauling freight:   Make sure to use your own pen during processing to avoid borrowing someone else's. Use alcohol wipes or antibacterial gel on your hands before and after pick up and drop offs. Stay in your truck as much as possible.  Put on a mask and gloves when leaving your truck. Thank you Igor for remaining on the front lines to deliver much needed goods to areas that need it most. You and your fellow truck drivers are true American Heroes. #StaySafe Join our newsletter. click here

#SleekTruckerStory (Andrew Krynski)

As mentioned in previous blog entries, the Sleek Fleet carrier network continues to deliver freight across America. We’ve checked in with truck drivers across America, who haul with Sleek Fleet, to see how the transportation industry has been impacted. We also asked for advice on how carriers can stay safe during the crisis. #SleekTruckerStory Our first entry comes from Andrew Krynski, an independent driver in Illinois. He said people are taking great caution and keeping their distance during load pickup and drop off. He shared that warehouses are stepping up and providing drivers with cleaning supplies like hand sanitizer. The following tips have helped Andrew remain healthy while hauling freight into high impact areas like Chicago: Clean your cabin regularly. Avoid fast food on the road; pack your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call the warehouse ahead of time to confirm and understand new procedures (if any). Leave POD on the wall or trailer floor to aid social distancing. When filling up on gas, get a full tank to limit the number of stops needed. There’s no doubt that professional truck drivers have one of our economy's most demanding and important jobs, especially during times of crisis. We appreciate Andrew and all of the other drivers who #KeepAmericaMoving. Thanks Andrew! #StaySafe We also want to spread awareness of the free Trimble MAPS Covid-19 Safe Havens app. It provides up-to-date information on truck stops and amenities and no login or email is required. The information can be found at https://covid19.trimblemaps.com. Join our newsletter. click here

Navigate Supply and Demand Changes With Transparent Rates

In March, supply and demand shifted overnight as necessities flew off the shelves, while demand for non-essential products slowed. The transportation market continues to experience both tight and soft market conditions depending on the product. As one would expect, goods such as groceries and water have through-the-roof capacity demands right now. Shippers are reporting same day YoY 100%+ growth in load volumes. According to Oleg Yanchyk, Sleek Fleet Chief Information Officer, "We saw huge spikes in new driver registrations and engagement.Proof small carriers have stepped up to battle the supply chain disruptions to keep America moving." DAT continues to report rate spikes on the majority of high-trafficked van lanes, and slowed conditions at pickup and dropoff locations. There are also rate decreases in several hot markets as capacity supply is redistributed. "Without transparent rates, the true market cost to move goods is unknown", said Yanchyk. "Sleek Fleet provides 100% rate transparency, real-time actionable data, so a shipper can make informed decisions on how best to move their freight during this time to unprecedented change". Join our newsletter. click here

Our Carrier Network Continues to Haul into the Eye of the Storm

As some trucking companies begin to refuse orders into heavy hit COVID-19 areas, the Sleek Fleet network continues to press forward. For weeks now, our network of carriers have been hauling freight directly into New York City, labeled as the new virus epicentre. On a daily basis, multiple times per day, drivers deliver much needed medical supplies and groceries. "We have loads shipping from North Carolina to the island of New York City daily", said Dean Corbolotti, Director of Shipper Engagement. "Our Shipper customers are working double time to meet the heightened demand for medical supplies, food, and water, while our carrier base is willingly driving these goods directly into the eye of the storm to help save lives." There’s no doubt the manufacturing- and hauling- of critical goods is essential to fight this epidemic. We hope everyone joins us in recognizing supply chain workers as they push their own personal risk aside, and work overtime to keep America moving forward during this difficult time. Join our newsletter. click here

5 Important Tips for Work From Home Success

COVID-19 is forcing the world to hit the pause button. Trade shows are cancelled, schools are closed, and professional sports have stopped. Stay at home mandates have been placed in many cities to aid in social distancing. Companies are now requiring team members to work from home. “Sleek Fleet is a remote-based company, so working from home is our norm”, said Kira Meinzer, Sleek Fleet Chief People Officer. “Working from home definitely has advantages, but there are challenges too. To stay focused, and remain effective, you need to shift your habits and routines”. To help, we've pulled together our top tips for those that are new to working from home during this unprecedented time. Tip #1: Find a Dedicated Work Space  Ideally, an entire room should be set aside for work efforts. The room should include a desk, chair and computer. If that’s not possible, set up shop in the corner of a quiet room- like your bedroom. Tip #2: Set House Rules (especially with kids home from school) Make sure those sharing your living space know you are working. Develop and communicate guidelines that help you remain focused and undisturbed. If you have small children at home, use a visual system using colors to indicate if you’re busy and can’t talk, will be available shortly, or if you’re available. Put snacks in their lunch box that they can grab freely throughout the day instead of interrupting you with the dreaded “I’m hungry”. We've also found it helpful to develop an hourly agenda filled with fun activities to help keep kids busy. Tip #3: Morning Huddle  Each morning get the team...

Thank You To Our Truck Drivers- Our Heroes- During This Time of Crisis

A recent article published by Freight Waves says Pennsylvania has closed all rest stops, including access to parking lots due to COVID-19. "This will definitely impact truck drivers who are working their tails off to keep America moving", said Dean Corbolotti, Sleek Fleet director of shipper engagement. "Think about it, the men and women who haul freight across the US won't have a safe place to rest and clean up." Now more than ever, essentials like food, medical supplies and paper products need to move across the US.This decision is making it more difficult for drivers to perform their already challenging job. Fingers crossed this short-sided move does not force drivers off the road. https://www.freightwaves.com/news/pennsylvania-shuts-its-rest-stops-to-all-activity-including-parking Join our newsletter. click here