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Dynamically Maximize Carrier Network Efficiency

Always deliver goods on time, and pay fair market cost, with AI-powered SaaS and advanced anlaytics.

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While most shippers are currently enjoying reduced freight costs, it’s important to recognize that a short-sighted approach to freight procurement will lead to temporary gains at the expense of long-term losses. The freight market is volatile so shippers must adopt a long-term perspective in order to manage their annual transportation budget. Strategies that not only account for the current market conditions but also anticipate future market fluctuations will always win. Autonomous freight procurement, and advanced analytics, help achieve this objective.

Advanced Analytics.

Proven to reduce truckload cost by 15% or greater.

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Automation Software.

Proven to reduce work by 6 hours per person per week!

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AI Machine.

Proven to improve service levels [OTD] to 98% or greater.

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We help large, forward-thinking shippers, across North America, optimize transportation efforts. Our solutions help full truckload shippers across multiple verticals including but not limited to Building Materials, Plastics & Chemicals, CPG, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, and Retail.

“I have 100 % confidence in Sleek’s AI-powered technology to find the perfect carrier every time because I’ve seen that their intelligence has access to capacity I’m not even aware is out there,” said Warren Frank, Milk Specialties Global.


Growing up as successful freight brokers, our CEO and CIO witnessed first-hand the challenges both shippers and carriers faced with a traditional freight procurement process. So they set out on a mission to build innovative freight procurement solutions that support digital transformation within the supply chain, specifically for freight procurement. They wanted to bring transparency and trust to the foreground, something that has been lacking in transportation and logistics for years!

Sustainability Focus.

We’re committed to sustainability. In fact, 2023 marks our 7th consecutive year as an official SmartWay partner for the important role we play in freight procurement. Our FreightTech solution, OTS, has reduced fuel consumption by dynamically sourcing the right carriers for loads. And when shippers and carriers are connected– at the perfect time– empty miles, along with CO2 emissions, are reduced making freight transportation more sustainable. But we won’t stop there because sustainability remains a key part of our continuous improvement initiative.

Our Award-Winning Solution.

Sleek Technologies Wins Procurement Solution of the Year from Annual Awards Program Which Recognizes Innovation in the Global Supply Chain Technology and Logistics Industry. Read press release.

Our #SleekPOV Has Disrupted Logistics.

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