Transportation Experts Share Insights On Digital Freight Brokerages

A recent Forbes article reveals how digital, and technology, are automating the freight industry. For example, BluJay has invested in strategic partnerships that will integrate real-time quotes directly into its TMS platform. Sleek Fleet is one of these strategic integrations. "As the freight industry continues to advance to digital, Sleek Fleet will continue to build tech-enabled solutions that help our customers simplify logistics", said Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO. Here is a link to the news article: Join our newsletter. click here

Trucking Companies Park Fleet-Expansion Plans with Unprecedented Speed.

WSJ report notes decreases in truck orders, and average US truckload rate per mile of $1.51. According to Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO, "Market conditions will flip at some point, but the key question is when". Until then, shippers and carriers continue on with contingency plans, while developing strategies to bounce back when the economy is ready. "We're collecting data so we, along with our customers, have strong insights to navigate through future unknowns", said Nervick. #SleekPOV Click here to read full article: Join our newsletter. click here