Our Carrier Network Continues to Haul into the Eye of the Storm

As some trucking companies begin to refuse orders into heavy hit COVID-19 areas, the Sleek Fleet network continues to press forward. For weeks now, our network of carriers have been hauling freight directly into New York City, labeled as the new virus epicentre.
On a daily basis, multiple times per day, drivers deliver much needed medical supplies and groceries. “We have loads shipping from North Carolina to the island of New York City daily”, said Dean Corbolotti, Director of Shipper Engagement.
“Our Shipper customers are working double time to meet the heightened demand for medical supplies, food, and water, while our carrier base is willingly driving these goods directly into the eye of the storm to help save lives.”
There’s no doubt the manufacturing- and hauling- of critical goods is essential to fight this epidemic. We hope everyone joins us in recognizing supply chain workers as they push their own personal risk aside, and work overtime to keep America moving forward during this difficult time.

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