Webinar Title: Is Freight Capacity Impacting Your Supply Chain? Learn How Shippers Are Overcoming This Challenge.

Recording Date: 3/16/20

Hosts: Sleek Technologies & 101 Solutions

Summary: Continuous improvement, fueled by technology, within the supply chain is how manufacturers remain agile. But one critical process remains unchanged and is not equipped to handle today’s market volatility. Ask yourself, does your company rely on primary carriers and overpay once they reject your loads? Does your company remain at the mercy of freight brokers and the spot market to keep goods moving?

If you’ve answered yes, then your freight procurement process is not optimized, and your supply chain is at risk. The traditional way to procure freight is too rigid and static, paving the way for massive budget overages, poor OTD, distribution bottlenecks, and unhappy customers. Learn how shippers are now leveraging software and other trucking resources to overcome increased freight procurement challenges.

Supply Chain Experts from Sleek Technologies & 101 Solutions will examine:
1. How freight capacity impacts the supply chain.
2. What shippers are doing to achieve 95.5% OTD & up to 20% TL savings in today’s volatile market.

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