Reduce COGS.

Improve Resilence.

Increase Sustainability.

Maintain Competitive Advantage.


Many companies miss out on cost-reduction opportunities by overlooking transportation.

Unfortunately, shippers don’t have the data and insights needed to make timely optimizations to their carrier network- until now!

TL360 has revolutionized freight procurement analytics by providing shippers with 100% data transparency when no other solution or provider is willing to do so!

Watch the video to see how TL360’s real-time, actionable data helps answer important questions from many departments across the company.

Do you have gaps in your freight procurement data?

Answer these questions to find out.

Unfortunately, if you’ve answered “NO” to any question, you have data gaps and your supply chain could be at risk.

1 Does the transportation team know if the network is optimized to maximize budget & deliver goods on time?
2 Does the transportation team know which carriers to replace, keep, or add?
3 Does the finance team know if transportation costs are aligned with the market?
4 Does the sales team know if they’re losing accounts and revenue due to transportation delays?
5 Does the leadership team know if/how transportation efforts aid sustainability?
6 Does the operations team know if manufacturing bottlenecks occur because of transportation delays?
7 Does the leadership team know if transportation costs can be controlled to lower COGS?
8 Does the leadership team know If transportation is fully optimized to grow/maintain a competitive advantage?

TL360 Reports

TL360 provides a complete 360-degree view of a shipper’s truckload activity to empower informed, data-driven freight procurement decisions. TL360 is comprised of 4 executive reports that can be filtered for customization, and story-telling. Each report paints a different picture to help transportation/ logistics teams report up and out.

  • Business Summary Report

    Focuses on truckload spending, savings, and volume trends.

  • Performance Analysis Report

    Focuses on acceptance %, OTD %, and savings % trends.

  • Market Analysis Report

    Focuses on shipper performance compared to the market.

  • Load Details Report

    Focuses on data transparency with complete load details.

Introducing the New Sleek Shipper Scorecard.

The Sleek Shipper Scorecard evaluates over 25 factors that impact shipper’s load cost, including but not limited to accounting processes, operations protocol, and contract terms. Findings inform shippers on which factors impact load price both positively and negatively, so actions can be taken by shipper to optimize truckload cost. To learn more, watch our product video.

With OTS, I can finally optimize my carrier network by qualifying new carriers and evaluating existing ones.

We help shippers make stronger, data-driven decisions!

OTS moves loads at true-market cost, while TL360 empowers shippers with advanced freight procurement intelligence so they make informed decisions on how best to optimize their carrier network. Shippers obtain a 360-degree view of how individual carriers are performing against the market. They also know which carriers are hauling their freight, and what the carrier is getting paid to understand the true market cost.

Finally, an advanced way to procure freight!

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