Shippers deserve to know and understand every facet of their transportation spend. Our advanced freight procurement data and analytics arm shippers with 100% transparency so corrective actions can be made to optimize the carrier network. It acts like a virtual transportation analyst! There are never any data gaps!

Obtain Carrier Identification

Shippers know exactly which carriers are hauling their freight.

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Obtain Carrier Rates

Shippers know exactly what the truck is getting paid, there are never any hidden middlemen fees increasing truckload price.

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Optimize Carrier Network

Shippers get actionable insights on their "actual" lanes to level-set pricing and improve service levels.

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Do you have data gaps?

Answer these questions to find out.

1 Does the transportation team know if the network is optimized to maximize budget & deliver goods on time?
2 Does the transportation team know which carriers to replace, keep, or add?
3 Does the finance team know if transportation costs are aligned with the market?
4 Does the sales team know if they’re losing accounts and revenue due to transportation delays?
5 Does the leadership team know if/how transportation efforts aid sustainability?
6 Does the operations team know if manufacturing bottlenecks occur because of transportation delays?
7 Does the leadership team know if transportation costs can be controlled to lower COGS?
8 Does the leadership team know If transportation is fully optimized to grow/maintain a competitive advantage?

Unfortunately, if you’ve answered “NO” to any question, you have data gaps and are missing opportunities to cut logistics costs while improving service levels and customer satisfaction.

Our Dashboards & Reports.

Shippers now have 100% data transparency to help optimize the entire carrier network. Our analytics suite includes 4 out-of-the-box executive reports that can be filtered for customization, and story-telling based on a shipper’s specific needs. Each report paints a different picture to help transportation teams report up and out.

  • Business Summary Report

    Focuses on truckload spending, savings, and volume trends.

  • Performance Analysis Report

    Focuses on acceptance %, OTD %, and savings % trends.

  • Market Analysis Report

    Focuses on shipper performance compared to the market.

  • Load Details Report

    Focuses on data transparency with complete load details.