Shipper Success Stories

Freight Procurement Automation helps shippers uncover resilience, sustainability, and cost-reduction opportunities during any market conditions.

But don’t take our word for it, check out these success stories.

A Sleek Sucess Story: AdvanSix [ASIX NYSE]

AdvanSix is a $1.1B manufacturer of nylon 6 resin, chemical intermediate and ammonium sulfate fertilizer, headquartered in New Jersey.


Over the last 12 months, manufacturers have struggled with unprecedented supply chain disruption. They are expected to do more, with less people. AdvanSix has struggled to balance fluctuating transportation costs & capacity while meeting customer service levels.


AdvanSix seamlessly integrated freight procurement automation software into their TMS. By replacing outdated freight procurement procedures, AdvanSix dynamically sourced compliant asset-based capacity eliminating the need for time-consuming RFPs and money-hungry brokers. And with 100% data transparency, AdvanSix obtained actionable freight data to level-set contracted rates.


Automation successfully moved loads in both tight & soft markets providing both truckload saving [11% & 24%] & industry-best OTD [98%]

As time went on, and more data was collected/ analyzed, AI grew more intelligent honing in on the right carrier, at the right time, place & price resulting in increased savings.

Tight Market
[Nov 2021 – Feb 2022]

Loads Moved76
Freight Under Mgmt$193K
Dollar Saved$22K
% Savings 11%
% On Time Delivery98%
% Repeat Carrier50%

Soft Market
[Mar 2021 – June 2022]

Loads Moved92
Freight Under Mgmt$224K
Dollar Saved$53K
% Savings 24%
% On Time Delivery98%
% Repeat Carrier60%

“At AdvanSix, we are keenly focused on disciplined execution to meet the need of our customer, and leveraging best-in-class tools like Sleek Technology to navigate an increasingly challenging logistical environment.”

– Michael Preston, SVP and CEO at AdvanSix

A Sleek Sucess Story: Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global [MSG] is a $725M manufacturer of hydrolysates, milk, and specialty protein products headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota..


MSG was struggling with fluctuating truckload costs. They did not have tools to properly identify true market cost, and therefore did not know when/if they were over or under paying to ship goods.


MSG seamlessly integrated freight procurement automation software[OTS] into their TMS. By dynamically sourcing the right carrier, at the right time, and the right price, MSG was empowered to deliver goods on time, and at fair market cost- no matter freight market conditins. Plus, they advanced sustainability efforts by reducing carbon emission which is a top company initiative.


A complimentary lane assessment, which used a year’s worth of MSG data across 6K loads, revealed that freight procurement automation would reduce truckload cost by 17%+.

The pilot went live on 9/9/22, and for the month of September, MSG generated 12.3% in truckload savings, while delivering 100% OTD. As AI learned, and as carrier became familiar with the cargo, October’s savings jumped to 17.9%, and OTD still remained at 100%.

Automation has generated a 4X ROI in as little as 30 days, which will pay their SaaS licensing fee for the entire year.


Loads Moved48
Truckload Saving12.3%
On Time Delivery100%


Loads Moved87
Truckload Saving17.9%
On Time Delivery100%

“Our implementation and results with Sleek was all they said it would be. It was problem free and has already produced substantial results.”

– Randy Klein, Transportation Director, at Milk Specialties Global

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