What’s Your Freight Procurement Automation ROI?

Although truckload rates are coming down, we’ve found that most shippers are leaving millions of dollars in cost reduction on the table! Why? Because they have yet to automate freight procurement and are still using antiquated processes that waste time and money! Fill out the variables below, and see how freight procurement automation can reduce labor and truckload costs and generate a positive ROI.

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Based on your inputs, freight procurement automation will reduce your truckload spend by [] per year. That’s a [] reduction in your total transportation spend and an ROI of []. Automation is proven to reduce labor costs, strengthen rate negotiations, streamline the RFP process, eliminate the need for brokers, drive booking efficiency, and much more. And If you have OTIF agreements in place, there are even more efficiencies.

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With an in-depth lane assessment, which is 100% complimentary, we’ll overlay $80 billion dollars of freight intelligence on top of your unique freight data set to uncover high-potential opportunity areas to reduce costs, strengthen on-time delivery, and grow resilience and sustainability. Actionable outputs will identify immediate wins and losses across your lanes, facilities, and carriers.

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