How are you different from a digital freight broker?

We’re a tech company. Our flagship freight transportation software, OTS, offers the only solution where market pricing is set dynamically by the carrier, not a margin-hungry middleman. Our customers have complete cost control by locking in a desired price per lane. Our customers can configure OTS to automatically accept bids at, or under, a specified price. Every load that runs through OTS is available direct to carriers, again no middleman is ever involved, so our customers always understand true market {carrier} cost per lane.

If there is no middleman mark-up, how does Sleek Technology make money?

Digital Freight Brokers make their money by adding a hidden margin per load. Our customers only pay a fixed, annual software license fee- nothing more. The price paid to haul freight, through OTS, goes 100% to the carrier.

How do shippers realize immediate savings?

Our customers start by setting a desired price per lane. OTS only accepts bids at, or under, the designated price. As bids are accepted, our customers have visibility to carrier cost– there is no middleman markup ever. For example, if the contracted rate is set at $1,000, and OTS price is set at $900, our customer will realize $100 minimally through OTS. If a carrier bids less than $900, let’s say $750, our customer will realize $250 in savings compared to the contracted rate of $1,000.

Are you competing for a slice of a shipper’s primary or spot business?

None. We offer no hidden agenda. Our customers have complete control over how they leverage our software, OTS. Depending on our customers’ unique needs, OTS can be used to level-set contracted rates, supplement contracted capacity, or avoid brokers and the costly spot market altogether. Our customers have direct access to carriers– no middleman is ever involved– and receive 100% rate and service-level transparency. If a customer wants to do more business with a specific carrier, great!  If they want to keep their network as is that’s totally cool too. No pressure ever!

What type of carrier coverage do you offer?

We only partner with owner operators across the US. Why? Not only do they represent 60% of total US capacity, but they work their butts off to provide the highest level of service possible. Small carriers also prefer to haul with us because we offer higher revenue by cutting out the middleman, and free fast pay in less than 4 hours. Plus, Match Engine, our proprietary ML/AI technology, automatically matches and notifies the perfect driver for each load. The driver is able to bid directly and know instantly if they have won the load.

What types of customers realize the highest value from OTS software?

Our most successful customers haul full truckloads: dry van, reefer and/or flatbed. We service both medium and large-sized shippers nationwide. Our plan is to add LTL capacity within the next 12-18 months. We wanted to perfect FTL first.

Do we track and trace loads?

Yes. We have partnered with industry-leading map engines and visibility platforms so our customers can keep an eye on their shipments when needed.

Do you manage carrier compliance?

Absolutely. We have a comprehensive screening process and maintain individual carrier scorecards filled with important metrics. OTS is 100% configurable, so our customers can determine their preferred carrier qualifications. Our customers can also set bids to accept automatically (based on specific carrier scorecard metrics) or manually.

Do I need a TMS to use OTS software?

No. Although we are already integrated with leading TMS platforms via API/EDI, our customers don’t need to have a TMS because we offer a basic application where freight can be loaded and fed into our OTS software.

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