Navigate Supply and Demand Changes With Transparent Rates

In March, supply and demand shifted overnight as necessities flew off the shelves, while demand for non-essential products slowed. The transportation market continues to experience both tight and soft market conditions depending on the product. As one would expect, goods such as groceries and water have through-the-roof capacity demands right now.
Shippers are reporting same day YoY 100%+ growth in load volumes. According to Oleg Yanchyk, Sleek Fleet Chief Information Officer, “We saw huge spikes in new driver registrations and engagement.Proof small carriers have stepped up to battle the supply chain disruptions to keep America moving.”
DAT continues to report rate spikes on the majority of high-trafficked van lanes, and slowed conditions at pickup and dropoff locations. There are also rate decreases in several hot markets as capacity supply is redistributed. “Without transparent rates, the true market cost to move goods is unknown”, said Yanchyk. “Sleek Fleet provides 100% rate transparency, real-time actionable data, so a shipper can make informed decisions on how best to move their freight during this time to unprecedented change”.

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