#SleekTruckerStory (Igor Brito)

One of the reasons America can start to press forward is because of those working on the front lines. The Sleek Fleet carrier network, made up of America’s hardest working drivers, continues to haul essential freight into hard hit areas. Here’s another #SleekTruckerStory.


Igor Brito, an independent driver from New Jersey, moves loads in and around the northeast region. As we know, many things have changed for those who work in transportation. Igor has noticed longer processing times at origin


pick up and destination drop off locations. It’s now reported that carriers all over the country are experiencing delays, due to a number of reasons including understaffed warehouse facilities.


Despite the many obstacles caused by Covid-19, drivers and receivers are working together to #KeepAmericaMoving. Igor said he’s happy to help during this difficult time. To remain healthy, he has taken extra steps to eliminate risk. Here are Igor’s top tips when hauling freight:


  • Make sure to use your own pen during processing to avoid borrowing someone else’s.
  • Use alcohol wipes or antibacterial gel on your hands before and after pick up and drop offs.
  • Stay in your truck as much as possible. 
  • Put on a mask and gloves when leaving your truck.

Thank you Igor for remaining on the front lines to deliver much needed goods to areas that need it most. You and your fellow truck drivers are true American Heroes. #StaySafe

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