Sleek Technologies CEO, Mike Nervick, knows first-hand how daunting it is to launch or upgrade a TMS platform. For this very reason, he set out to develop a TMS software plugin that does not disrupt business and instantly adds value. “Witnessing a major gap in freight procurement and knowing TMS platforms weren’t built to close this gap, I set out to deliver an easy to implement SaaS solution that upgrades a shipper’s TMS, without disrupting business. Our plugin creates instant access to tens of thousands of carriers instead of hundred in the current network.”

TMS Plugin Automates Freight Procurement!

Sleek’s award-winning software plugin automates the critical freight procurement process by providing instant access to thousands of complaint carriers in seconds using AI/ML algorithms. Gone are the days of finding, vetting, and transacting (tracking/invoicing/billing) with carriers, the software automatically does it for you. Large shippers have reduced transportation cost, reduced administrative/labor cost, reduced vendor count, and locked in recurring revenue due to stronger on time delivery %.