Shippers always source the right carrier… at the right time… place… and price with our autonomous freight procurement software. AI/ML makes the match decision, eliminating human bias. It’s like adding a virtual transportation assistant who always makes data-driven decisions.

Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

Our software handles repetitive or time-consuming tasks like shipment tracking and invoicing so the transportation team can focus on the important stuff.

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Reduces Truckload Cost By 15%+

Our trucking logistic software connects shippers' loads directly with compliant carriers, eliminating the need for middlemen and their hidden fees.

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Improves OTD to 98%+

Our software dynamically sources the perfect carrier at the right time, place, and price. Happy carriers equal better service levels/ OTD.

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Our software is simple to implement

Seamless TMS Integration

Our software plugs seamlessly into a shipper’s existing TMS or load planning tool. As activity occurs, data automatically flows back into the shipper’s TMS or planning tool.

Dynamic Carrier Sourcing & Vetting

Using pre-configured shipper load attributes, our software instantly finds, and vets qualified carriers who are then invited to bid on loads. With middlemen eliminated carriers set the price and shippers gain full visibility of what the truck is getting paid.

Real-Time Load Execution Visibility

Our software does all the heavy lifting when it comes to executing loads. Shippers receive real-time updates at every step which flow back into the shipper’s TMS and/or visibility platforms.

100% Data Transparency

Our software isn’t just about moving goods on time and at a fair market price, it collects & shares advanced freight procurement data so shippers have ammunition to level-set pricing and service levels across their entire carrier network. To learn more about our advanced freight procurement data, click here.

Our Complimentary Lane Assessment

For a limited time, get a complimentary lane assessment that uncovers resilience, sustainability, and cost-reduction opportunities on your specific lanes. We overlay $80+ billion dollars worth of freight intelligence on top of a shipper’s unique freight data set to uncover high-potential opportunity areas to reduce cost, strengthen OTD, and grow resilience and sustainability. Actionable outputs identify wins and losses across lanes, facilities, and carriers.

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