Increase Tender Acceptance

Shippers dynamically source compliant, out-of-network, asset-based carriers.

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Reduce Truckload Cost

Shippers eliminate need for brokers [hidden margins] and move loads at true-market cost.

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Improve On-Time Delivery

Shippers yield 96%+ OTD to avoid bottlenecks & keep end customers happy.

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OTS is different from other freight procurement solutions because we’re unbiased.

While some bias is conscious, most is unconscious and influences thoughts and decisions, which impacts performance. As a software solution, we remove bias and are therefore totally agnostics when it comes to freight procurement. Unlike brokers, we don’t care which carriers a shipper uses to haul freight. In fact, we help shippers uncover strong carriers [defined as hauling goods at fair-market cost and delivering on time] so shippers know which carriers to keep, drop or add based on performance.

Most Comprehensive Load Matching Solution!

OTS– powered by AI/ML– is the most comprehensive load matching solution in market so software users always receive the most cost-efficient/effective carrier.


Because behind the scenes, OTS uses machine learning, smart business rules, predictive algorithms, and a system of measures to gauge the likelihood of a specific driver to have interest in a particular load. And as you would imagine, when a driver is happy, the shipper yields lower costs and better service.
For a limited time, get a complimentary lane assessment that uncovers resilience, sustainability, and cost reduction opportunities on your specific lanes. To learn more about our lane assessment, click here.

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When our customers succeed, so do we!

Our automation software does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to sourcing carriers but as you know, manual interventions are still needed to ensure 100% operational excellence. If your company does not have internal resources– or is wasting too much time managing carriers– our Customer Success Team can help! They are transportation experts who are focused on your success. In fact, they are compensated on customer success metrics, things like truckload savings and OTD %. Our freight procurement software package automatically includes standard managed services! Enhanced managed services are also available upon request. 

Standard Managed Services:  

  • Carrier Insurance
  • OS&D Management
  • Carrier Payment
  • DSO Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • ePOD

Enhanced Managed Services:

  • Guaranteed Pickup
  • Non-Standard Accessorials. 

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Our workflow is simple to implement and easy to understand.

Seamless TMS Integration

OTS plugs seamlessly into a shipper’s existing TMS or load planning tool, running behind the scenes. As OTS activity occurs, data flows back into the shipper’s TMS or tool via APIs.

Real-Time Access to Qualified Carriers

Using 80+ shipper attributes, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) identify qualified carriers. There are no middlemen so carriers set their own rates & know instantly if they’ve won the load. Shippers understand true-market cost.

Load Execution Visibility

Shippers receive real-time updates on all aspects of the load including both event and truck tracking. All data is shared with the shipper and flows seamlessly back into the existing TMS and visibility platforms. Also collects carrier sentiment.

100% Data Transparency

OTS isn’t just about moving loads at true-market cost, it collects & shares advanced freight procurement data so shippers have complete 360-degree truckload view to make data-driven decisions. To learn more, click here.

Want to see how OTS has advanced freight procurement?

Watch our product videos or read our sell sheets.

With OTS, I don’t have to sacrifice truckload cost or service. I get both which keeps my budget and delivery dates on track.

OTS helps shippers balance truckload cost with service!

OTS cloud-based software has advanced freight procurement for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. Using intelligent automation technology fueled by proprietary AI/ML algorithms, shippers dynamically source compliant carriers at true-market cost. And unlike other freight tech solutions, OTS balances truckload cost with service, so users keep both transportation budgets and delivery dates in check!

OTS helps shippers eliminate costly supply chain waste!

OTS replaces costly, non-transparent middlemen by dynamically sourcing qualified, compliant capacity based on 80+ configurable load attributes set by the shipper user. Brokers are known to add hefty hidden margins, which are completely eliminated with OTS.

With OTS, I’ve eliminated the need for brokers and spot, which has reduced truckload cost and improved OTD & OTIF.

Finally, a new way to procure freight!

Let’s spend 15 minutes together. Schedule a demo today! And don’t forget to ask us about The OTS Zero Risk Guarantee. Zero Risk, Maximum Returns.

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