Meet the Logistician!

Dean Corbolotti, VP, Managed Services

How would you describe your current position to someone that doesn’t work in the transportation logistics industry?
I lead a team of skilled professionals who operate much better if I stay out of the way!

How did you end up working in logistics?
I knew a guy who worked for ABF Freight in Dayton, OH and they were looking for someone to do data entry on the weekends so I did that to help pay for college. Was paid a whopping $10 an hour! Big bucks back in 1989.

How many years have you worked in logistics?
Doing the math that puts me around 35 years now.

What are some of your favorite things about working in logistics?
The diverse group of people that you meet is pretty amazing. I also love that it’s ever changing while staying the same. You are basically moving things from point A to B but the “how” has changed dramatically over the years.

What surprises do you encounter?
Something new seems to happen weekly that makes me say “wow that’s a new one”. Not sure how many fields can say that.

Do you have any fun work stories you’d like to share?
Most of these would have happened after work hours and are probably not suitable for mass consumption. 

Do you have a favorite saying?
Borrowed this from my dad years ago: “Take the high road, there’s less traffic” 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to travel both domestically and internationally. I also enjoy a round of golf, some cooking, watching football (Go Bengals!), exercising and reading (especially biographies of interesting people).

What advice would you give your 21yr old self?
Don’t sweat the small stuff, hang out with people smarter than you, save/invest more than you think you can, and leave your comfort zone as much as possible.

What are some challenges that you see in the future of supply chain, and what do you think will happen?
There are many, but here are a couple:
How do we solve for an aging driver population in the short and long term? There’s going to be a need to attract young people right out of high school into the field vs requiring one to be 21 to get a CDL. Training programs similar to trade schools need to be set up as well as more and safer truck parking and driver facilities to make life on the road more palatable.

How does the infrastructure, especially in the US, keep up with the needs of an ever accelerating population? No easy solution to this other than for our government to make it a priority no matter what administration is in charge. We are already behind and need to catch up rapidly through innovation and focus. Europe is a great example of how to utilize infrastructure effectively.

Thanks, Dean, for doing such a great job and being a joy to work with at Sleek!

This blog was written by Dean Corbolotti.  Dean has experience in a broad spectrum of the transportation discipline including management, purchasing, sales, warehousing, truckload, LTL, and intermodal both domestic and international.