Meet the Logistician!

Anna Jonak — Financial Compliance Manager

How would you describe your current position to someone that doesn’t work in the transportation logistics industry?
In my role, I am responsible for ensuring the timely payment of all accounts payable and collection of all accounts receivable.

How did you end up working in logistics?
I was interested in logistics because I’ve always enjoyed working together with others and building work-relationships, which I’m able to do in my current role. Specifically, I routinely work with customers and carriers to ensure bills are paid and collected, products are delivered in a timely manner, and all parties involved are satisfied with the services provided.

How many years have you worked in logistics?
Seven years.

What are some of your favorite things about working in logistics?
As mentioned above, I have really enjoyed building relationships with both customers and carriers. I’ve had the opportunity to meet great people with whom I enjoy communicating regularly.

What surprises do you encounter?
The continuing evolution of technology in the logistics field has been the biggest surprise and challenge I’ve encountered. Fortunately, my co-workers and customers have been incredibly helpful in ensuring I’m able to meet these challenges.

Do you have any fun work stories you’d like to share?
While I don’t have a specific story, I enjoy speaking with drivers, who often entertain me with fun stories of things they encounter on the road.

Do you have a favorite saying?
I do not.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy outdoor activities with my family, friends, and dog.

What advice would you give your 21yr old self?
To stay open minded about all possible opportunities and believe in yourself because you don’t know what the future will bring.

What are some challenges that you see in the future of supply chain, and what do you think will happen?
The introduction of AI into certain professional fields, including logistics, has and will continue to likely result in significant challenges. Overall, I hope such new technology will be beneficial, although it will likely require companies and their employees to adapt in various ways.

Thanks, Anna, for doing such a great job and being a joy to work with at Sleek!

This blog was written by Anna Jonak. Anna excels at fostering strong relationships with customers and carriers while ensuring smooth financial operations, including timely payments, collections, and customer satisfaction.