Sleek Offers 100% Transparency to Keep Freight Moving at Fair Cost

Multiple sources, including DAT, are reporting massive spikes in spot market load volumes and rates because of increased demand with essential goods.


Front lines workers, such as warehouse employees and truck drivers, are working endless hours to keep America moving forward, while other manufacturers experience declines in demand, and are re-forecasting and cutting costs to stay afloat in an uncertain market.

“Regardless of a shipper’s unique situation, now is a smart time to think about capturing true market cost on specific loads so informed decisions can be made when navigating future unknowns”, said Dean Corbolotti Sleek Fleet Director, Shipper Engagement. Without transparent rate data, shippers do not see their rates broken down by driver cost and 3rd party markup cost. Therefore, they do not know how each variable is impacting total cost.

Sleek Fleet, a transportation technology company, has closed the unknown rate gap by providing 100% rate transparency on their customer’s individual loads. Shippers have real-time access, fed directly into their TMS platform, to see the number of driver bids per load, winning bid per load, and 3rd party markup per load. Sleek Fleet also has a margin cap guarantee. “Instead of taking advantage during times of crisis, Sleek Fleet empowers shippers by providing vital rate data to help them make informed decisions, while supplementing their preferred network with added capacity at fair prices,” said Mike Nervick, Sleek Fleet CEO. For more information visit

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