Open direct access to compliant, out-of-network, asset-based capacity. 


Eliminate need for brokers & hidden margins driving up truckload cost. 


Gain industry-leading OTD to avoid supply chain bottlenecks & keep end customers happy. 


Understand true-market cost as carriers bid directly on freight. 

OTS software has optimized freight procurement by dynamically opening a large universe of asset-based truckload capacity so shippers avoid costly, non-transparent brokers. With OTS, shippers generate immediate truckload savings, strengthen OTD and gain actionable rate data shared nowhere else on the planet. 

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OTS is powered by a proprietary machine learning solution called Sleek Match Engine. A special blend of 1st and 3rd party data matches the perfect carrier for every load, strengthening important freight metrics such as acceptence rates and on time delivery. 

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