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Finally, a software solution that brings back transparency and trust!

Our flagship software, OTS, has disrupted the outdated, static way to move freight by eliminating the middleman and putting the shipper back in the driver's seat. 

Maintain Cost Control

With OTS, shippers dynamically set load pricing parameters to beat current cost. Only bids that hit at, or under, parameters are automatically awarded. 

Generate Savings & Capacity

OTS eliminates the broker middleman so there are no hidden margins driving up truckload cost. Instead, OTS opens up direct access to America's best carriers. 

Gain 100% Transparency

Carriers bid directly on freight, so shippers know exactly what the carrier is paid to understand true market cost. Gone are the days of wondering how much went to the broker versus the carrier.  

OTS is powered by Sleek Match Engine, a first-of-its-kind, proprietary ML/AI solution. The ideal carrier is dynamically matched to every load. 

"OTS put me back in control of my transportation budget by eliminating high costs and lack of transparency associated with brokers."

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