How Reinventing Freight Procurement Helps Shippers Handle Today’s Market Volatility.

Successful manufacturers are always on the hunt for ways to optimize supply chain processes to mitigate risk and limit the slowdown of goods produced and moved. But one critical supply chain process has flown under the radar for decades, and is simply not equipped to handle today’s extreme market volatility.

Poor freight procurement practices lead to increased freight costs, poor on time delivery, distribution bottlenecks, and unhappy end customers. A fully-optimized freight procurement process is necessary to navigate harsh market conditions and demands, and as reported in a previous blog, 2021 is already showing unprecedented activity. Here are tell-tale signs that your freight procurement process is not optimized:

  1. The process falls apart when contracted carriers reject loads.
  2. Managing shipping costs is a nightmare.
  3. Brokers and spot market are used to move freight.
  4. Deliveries are running late.
  5. There is ZERO rate and carrier visibility.
  6. Distribution bottlenecks occur at the docks.
  7. Sales orders arrive late/ SLAs are not fulfilled.
  8. The supply chain offers no competitive advantage. 


So how can a shipper overcome these challenges? Shippers have optimized their freight procurement process with breakthrough software called OTS, and are now achieving 95.5%+ OTD, and generating up to 20% truckload savings in today’s volatile market.

Read this executive guide, How Reinventing Freight Procurement Will Help Shippers Handle Today’s Market Volatilityto learn how shippers are using technology to optimize freight procurement. With unpredictable market volatility, every manufacturer should be committed to optimizing this critical process. Shippers who use the old, static way to procure freight will continue to place their entire supply chain at risk.

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