Logistics Concerns for the Paper & Pulp Industry

Freight procurement can be a huge pain for any industry, but especially the pulp and paper industry. From OTD to product handling, pulp and paper logistics and freight require a huge amount of forethought and spot-on execution. Yet, many pulp and paper shippers do not have the tools needed to make their logistics operations as efficient as they can be. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why pulp and paper shippers need to modernize their freight procurement operations by embracing innovative technology, along with real-time freight data.

Tech Eliminates Need for Freight Broker Middlemen

Given how delicate pulp and paper products are, handling these goods properly is imperative. Yet, many shippers are forced into the broker/spot market after contracted carriers reject loads, resulting in product damages and late delivery. Fortunately, with technology breakthroughs, pulp and paper shippers can take back control of their freight operations by eliminating the need for broker middlemen. Modern-day tech solutions can be configured to dynamically expand asset-based, compliant capacity when needed most.

Tech, Powered by AI, Can Find the Perfect Carrier

Because of demand, safeguarding OTD is hugely important for pulp and paper shippers. If a shipment is delayed, not only does it result in potential product issues, but it can also result in lost revenue. When forced to use brokers, pulp and paper shippers have little control and oversight into which carriers actually pick up their loads reducing quality assurance. Understanding a specific carrier’s attributes and track record, especially when it comes to shipping delicate materials like pulp and paper, is imperative.  Oftentimes freight brokers grab loads without a truck in hand and provide very little insight into the carrier’s performance resulting in below-average service levels. Luckily, shippers can now adopt a more sophisticated technology-driven freight procurement process, powered by AI and machine learning, to match the perfect carrier to each load resulting in industry-best service levels.


With modern technology comes real-time intelligence. Stronger, relationship-based, freight procurement partners are now providing 100% data transparency in the form of real-time dashboards that contain intelligence typically hidden by freight broker middlemen. As with any industry, shippers can make better decisions when armed with actionable data and insights!