Edge 2020 Cliff Notes

Last week, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) had their annual EDGE conference/ exhibit. Like many industry events, the conference was held in a virtual format. Our very own Dean Corbolotti, Sleek Technologies Operations Leader, attended CSCMP. Here are Dean’s cliff notes for those who missed the event.

We all know, virtual conferences just don’t compare to the real thing. There’s nothing like meeting with peers and feeling the energy and excitement surrounding everything supply chain. According to Corbolotti, “CSCMP did an amazing job. Edge 2020 still offered many high-quality guest speakers, multiple educational tracks, and networking opportunities.”

As one would expect, content swirled around the current pandemic and its massive impact on all things supply chain. Sessions focused on how the pandemic has forced shippers, both retail and manufacturing, to focus internally on process improvements to drive out waste. “The use of data and technology was a common theme throughout most educational tracks,” said Corbolotti.

Another popular topic was how the pandemic has forced corporate America to work from home. Remote staff is something that many companies have shied away from in the past under the assumption that lack of on-site leadership, and accountability, would lead to productivity losses. Attendees believe companies who have remained productive will now consider remote staffing plans because of the high operating costs associated with leases/mortgages, office equipment, security, etc. Another topic was how companies are investing in different technologies, such as video conferencing and instant messaging, to help keep the lines of communication open amongst teams and customers as people work from home. “Sleek Technologies is a 100% remote company. It’s our way of working, so we’ve already invested time in training and money in proper technology,” said Corbolotti.

One thing was abundantly clear throughout the conference, and that was that data remains king! The need for more readily available, and transparent, information is crucial to short and long-term business success. Many companies are investing in data intelligence. Organizations that don’t have actionable data will be left behind. “After attending Edge 2020, it’s clear that Sleek Technologies is on the right path. Our tech-enabled shipper solution reduces waste within the shipper tender process and provides actionable rate data so shippers can make better-educated decisions.”

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