Top Tips For Over-the-Road Shippers to Build Sustainability

Did you know it is estimated that some 20 million trucks each year are mismatched to loads? And when mismatching occurs, trucks run empty on the backhaul. This is important because every time a truck moves it omits harmful carbon emissions into the air and our environment. Shippers dedicated to sustainability efforts are doing their part to ensure their loads are matched to carriers at the right time and place, so trucks run with purpose– with product. 

Finding the right truck, at the right time, is not as easy as it sounds, especially if a shipper still relies on traditional freight procurement processes to source capacity. Forward-thinking shippers, focused on sustainability, have completely changed their mindset on how to source capacity, and have embraced new solutions that automate the critical freight procurement process turning it from static to dynamic. 

Embracing AI and Freight Procurement Automation Technology

With automation, AI/ML algorithms go to work to dynamically match configured shipper load attributes with compliant, asset-based carriers at the right time and place. When loads and trucks are connected at the right time, empty miles and CO2 emissions are drastically reduced making over-the-road transportation more sustainable. 

Sleek Technologies, the leader in freight procurement automation and an official SmartWay partner for six years running, designed their freight procurement SaaS platform [called OTS] to help shippers uncover sustainability opportunities by always matching a load with the right carrier. Without a middleman standing in between, it’s a win, win for both the shipper and carrier. Carriers reduce empty miles while shippers find the best truck for their cargo, which means they deliver on time and at a fair market price!