The Search for Safe Truck Parking

One of the issues that continues to plague truck drivers is the lack of access to safe, convenient parking.  This problem has been impacting the industry for years and is sometimes the last straw for drivers to exit the profession.  Recently at the National Association of Truck Stop Operators (NATSO) convention, the parking crisis was summarized with the financial impact drivers experience.  Dan Murray, the Vice President of Research for the ATRI, estimated that lost wages associated with seeking out parking costs a driver an average of $4600 per year.


This is a staggering number for owner operators managing expenses and can lead to more truck driver turnover.  Drivers spend approximately 56 minutes per day, according to ATRI, looking to find a place to park and rest.  Add this seemingly small inconvenience to the list of concerns for truck drivers and it can be the tipping point.

This is an opportunity for shippers to differentiate themselves and improve relationships with their carrier suppliers.  If not by actually offering parking on site, which may not be feasible, then to consider paying for parking or the extra hour incurred to find it.  We continue to hear industry experts discuss that ultimately we will need to pay higher wages to drivers to relieve the driver deficit.
A small step, such as parking reimbursement, could have a positive impact and add to driver engagement.  It is a unique accessorial charge that could be implemented into your route guide execution producing favorable results.

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