Sleek Technologies Announces Joanne Savage from AdvanSix as 2022 ISY (Innovative Shipper of the Year) Award Winner

AdvanSix, a leading producer of differentiated products in the industries of nylon solutions, chemical intermediates, and plant nutrients, saved over $100,000 in truckload costs while delivering goods on time 97.6% during extreme market conditions when other shippers struggled to maintain cost and service. 

Chicago, IL June 2, 2022 – Joanne Savage, Logistics Manager at  AdvanSix, was recently named the 2022 Sleek Technologies ISY Award Winner for her excellence in freight procurement automation. Each year Sleek Technologies recognizes one customer who has embraced technological advancements to strengthen freight procurement results. Award recipients uncover resilience, sustainability and cost reduction opportunities for their company, and in turn their end customers. 

“Joanne is a true trailblazer,” said Mike Nervick, Sleek Technologies CEO. “As an early adopter of freight procurement automation, Joanne embraced new technology which mitigated rising truckload cost and poor service levels for AdvanSix during unprecedented times for transportation professionals.”

Joanne’s willingness to embrace new technology resulted in a truckload savings rebate of $114,524 and an industry-best on-time delivery rate of 97.6%. This is no simple task, especially during volatile freight market conditions when many other shippers struggled to maintain cost and service levels. Joanne has risen to the occasion with a strong work ethic and an innovative spirit, successfully managing transportation efforts for AdvanSix. 

“Joanne understands the importance of servicing the customer at a high level while still controlling costs in a volatile marketplace,” said Dean Corbolotti, Sleek Technologies VP Managed Services. “During the supply chain crisis when reliable and cost-effective freight capacity was hard to find, Joanne delivered 100% on time delivery multiple times when most shippers were lucky to deliver 75% OTD.” 

“Joanne delivered over $100,000 in truckload savings for AdvanSix, while other shippers were experiencing major price increases,” said Aimee Dappas, Sleek Technologies Customer Success Advisor. “Joanne was one of the first to embrace a new way to think about freight procurement. Thinking out of the box to break down traditional barriers is a strong example for women in the supply chain.”

“At AdvanSix, we are keenly focused on disciplined execution to meet the needs of our customers, and leveraging best-in-class tools to navigate an increasingly challenging logistical environment is at the core of our approach,” said Michael Preston, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at AdvanSix. “Joanne’s embrace of freight procurement automation through our partnership with Sleek and her rigor and focus on ensuring the success of this approach is an example of the power of adopting an agile mindset. Congratulations, Joanne, on this exciting recognition!”



AdvanSix plays a critical role in global supply chains, innovating and delivering essential products for our customers in a wide variety of end markets and applications that touch people’s lives, such as building and construction, fertilizers, plastics, solvents, packaging, paints, coatings, adhesives and electronics. Our reliable and sustainable supply of quality products emerges from the vertically integrated value chain of our three U.S.-based manufacturing facilities. AdvanSix strives to deliver best-in-class customer experiences and differentiated products in the industries of nylon solutions, chemical intermediates, and plant nutrients, guided by our core values of Safety, Integrity, Accountability and Respect. More information on AdvanSix can be found at

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