Sleek Fleet Announces Results of Owner Operator Driver Survey

  • Data shows drivers’ desire to leverage mobile technology for business
  • Direct access to loads and fast pay among most common functionality preferences
  • Results used in development of automated and transparent Sleek Fleet mobile solution


CHICAGO, IL — September 20th, 2017 — Sleek Fleet LLC today announced the results of a survey of owner operators conducted to gain insight into current methods of connecting to the internet and acquiring loads as well as functionality preferences. The survey found that owner drivers in the U.S. transportation industry are willing to embrace mobile technology and want solutions that directly connect them to freight.

Survey Highlights:

  • Embracing Mobile Technology — More than 90 percent of owner operators prefer to access the internet on a mobile-enabled device.
  • Simple is Better — Any mobile technology needs to be easy-to-adopt and focused on core challenges — extra functionality such as route-planning and optimization tools.
  • Enhancing Earning Potential — Improving the load-acquisition process and securing greater rate transparency are prerequisites for enhancing the earning potential of drivers.
  • Focus on Direct Access to Freight — 90% of respondents expressed interest in working directly with shippers to book loads. However, only 13% of respondents listed this as a current load source.
  • Security is Paramount — Online security and keeping their information private is the foremost concern for drivers with mobile technology.


“The survey confirmed what we’re hearing in the market”, said Tony Sanchez, Client Relations Manager for Sleek Fleet. “Drivers are eager to adopt technology, but it needs to be easy to use and improve their earning potential. We are hearing loud and clear from drivers that they’re anxious for a straightforward solution to direct access and fair pay.”

“Any platform that delivers a fair rate for work performed and payment within a matter of hours would be a huge benefit to my bottom line,” said Jason Costa, president, Miles Decosta LLC. “The ability to access loads directly from shippers without interference from brokers would be a game-changer for my business. Partnering with Sleek Fleet has instantly added the benefits of a “Direct Shipper” acquisitions team to my business. And, not having to haggle over rates and getting paid within hours of delivery with no extra fees is “AWESOME”.

Insights from the survey were used in the development of the Sleek Fleet web- and mobile-enabled freight marketplace solution, which launched in July 2017. Via its database of verified drivers, with full driving histories, insurance information and more, Sleek Fleet connects shippers to the network of 300,000 registered owner-operators in the U.S. and handles all transactions, paying drivers within four hours of proper paperwork submission.

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