Happy Carriers

Happy Carriers

AI-Powered Automation Helps Both The Shipper & Carrier Win! 

If your business relies heavily on shipping to keep customers happy, there’s another group you have to keep happy, too. Carriers are the lifeblood of any shipping business, and maintaining strong carrier relationships helps to keep goods moving as planned– and most importantly arriving on time.  

Unfortunately, small to medium-sized carriers are often overlooked, which is a big mystery knowing they represent the lion’s share of compliant, asset-based capacity on the roads today, and yield nothing short of industry-best service levels. This is precisely why FreightTech startups, like Sleek Technologies, have entered the space and worked hard to build strong meaningful relationships with small to medium-sized carriers across the US. And to help gauge carrier sentiment in relation to the competitors, Sleek Technologies most recent Carrier NPS [which determines the likelihood of a carrier to recommend the company to others] was 5X higher (57) than the industry average (10). 

So what makes Sleek Technology so special? Sleek Technologies has advanced the decades-old way to procure freight by using AI and proprietary algorithms to dynamically source the perfect carrier, at the right time, place, and price for every load. So instead of relying on a small percentage [in some cases less than 1% through contracted carriers] of today’s available truckload capacity, large shippers can now automate carrier sourcing by tapping into a self-regulated freight marketplace. Shippers pre-configure load attributes, and AI dynamically matches out-of-network carriers who are checked daily for compliance. Without the middleman stealing economic value, both the shipper and the carrier win! With no hidden margins, the shipper reduces truckload cost while strengthening OTD while the carrier keeps 100% of the load price and is paid within hours. 

For shippers, freight procurement automation helps uncover resilience, sustainability and cost reduction opportunities by removing bias from the freight procurement decision-making process. And for small to medium-sized carriers, freight procurement automation provides access to loads that are typically blocked by freight brokers and large carriers. Automation puts the shipper and carrier back in charge because they dictate load cost– not the money-hungry middlemen. 

Transparency Remains Key

Lack of data transparency has been a huge problem for both shippers and carriers, because middlemen and popular 3PLs have built their profits on charging hidden margins. For example, freight procurement automation leader, Sleek Technologies, provides 100% data transparency. The shipper knows exactly which carrier has accepted the load and the price they demand, which builds relationships and gives both sides peace of mind that the shipper is paying and the carrier is making a fair market price to ship the load. Sleek Technologies has fostered a new culture between shippers and small to medium-sized carriers, which provides solidarity in overcoming logistical challenges that have held both parties hostage for years. 

With so many obstacles – from shortages to high fuel prices to instability in the costs of goods – finding ways to expand compliant truckload capacity will empower shippers to always deliver goods on time, and at a fair market price!