On September 3rd, Sleek Fleet became Sleek Technologies. Read our press release. 


Commitment to Culture, the alignment of a team to a core set of Values, produces Trust, Empowerment, and Responsibility. This is how Sleek Technologies is transforming an entire industry.


What We Look For

We value these skills and behaviors in every hiring, compensation, promotion, and termination decision:

  1. Treat others like you want to be treated
    • Trust — Your values provide you confidence through tough decisions
    • Respect — Listening, much more than speaking, is the key ingredient to successful communication
    • Transparency — Mistakes are opportunities to learn, you admit them openly
  2. Make a difference
    • Engagement — You are passionate about the performance of Sleek Fleet and proud of your contribution
    • Resourcefulness — You leverage your strengths and those of others to deliver amazing results while being a steward of time and money
    • Competitive Drive — Being the best you can be drives beneficial results in the market place
  3. Break Down Barriers
    • Bravery — You challenge anything inconsistent with our values
    • Tenacity — You'll either find a way or make one
    • Progress — You distill complex ideas into simple actions to improve before it's needed

If you share these values with us, please apply above.