A Methodic Approach To A Fragmented System: All Under One Umbrella

Are you thinking strategically about your transportation spending? Shipping is a complex and costly aspect of any supply chain, and thus, the way shippers consider variables like truckload cost and service levels (OTD)– is of utmost importance.

For a long time, shippers have relied on legacy transportation management processes to procure carriers. These processes are outdated, and siloed, which is why shippers have embraced technological advancements to streamline freight procurement which optimizes the entire carrier network for long-term success to effectively manage the cyclical freight market as conditions change.

Introducing Autonomous Freight Procurement & Advanced Analytics

AI-powered software, and 100% data transparency, provide a holistic approach to transportation management in 8 simple steps.

#1: Once the software is integrated with the shipper TMS
#2: Shipper configures load attributes and sets max allowable truckload price in SaaS platform.
#3: AI dynamically finds and vets a pool of compliant carriers, which are usually “invisible” to the shipper or blocked by broker middlemen.
#4: AI introduces the load to a VETTED network of new and existing carriers giving them the opportunity to haul for you by submitting a direct bid. The 1st carrier to bid at or below the shipper’s allowable price wins the load.
#5. With 100% data transparency the shipper knows which carrier has won the bid, and what they are getting paid. With no middlemen involved the shipper understands the actual truckload cost (what the truck is paid), so they can level-set pricing across their entire carrier network.
#6: Tracking is done through the carrier’s native mobile application, which is all visible to the shipper.
#7: Carrier invoicing and payment are managed by the software, so the transportation team can focus on more important efforts.
#8: If the winning carrier bid comes in under the shipper’s max price, the savings are kicked back to the shipper.

Utilizing autonomous freight procurement software streamlines the shipper’s load management process, providing valuable insights, and automating repetitive tasks. Shippers maximize carrier opportunities, optimize their operations, and make informed data-driven decisions based on quantifiable data, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their business.

This blog is written by Tashi Budilovsky.  Tashi is a Sales Development Representative with Sleek Technologies.  She graduated from Indiana University and has over 15 years of experience in logistics and transportation.