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A traditional freight procurement process is static, running through a systematic waterfall until the load is accepted. When the process works, the load is picked up by primary carriers who abide by contracted rates. However, in today’s market, this is no longer the norm. Instead, contracted carriers reject loads that are later picked up in spot at much higher costs.

Our freight procurement software has optimized the critical freight procurement process by dynamically sourcing compliant, asset-based capacity when needed most! Shippers set 80+ configurable attributes that dynamically open qualified capacity. 

We Support Transparency & Trust

Lack of data transparency is one of the biggest hurdles in transportation logistics today-- especially in freight procurement. Historically, as the freight market flipped so did the notion that it’s either a shipper or carrier market.

Our freight procurement technology and data places shippers and carriers on the same team! We’ve eliminated the black box (the middleman), so shippers and compliant, asset-based carriers now have dynamic, direct access to one another resulting in reduced freight procurement costs, along with improved service levels for shippers, and more revenue in the carrier's pocket (not the middlemen’s). Our freight data picks up where other freight procurement partners fall short.

We Relieve Pressure From Upper Management 

Has your CEO or CFO requested a reduction in truckload cost? If so, they probably still look at freight procurement as a commodity, and want the transportation team to always secure the cheapest carriers possible?

OTS Analytics helps freight procurement professionals educate executives on why there needs to be a healthy balance between freight cost and customer service. After all, when sales orders consistently arrive late because the carrier is not the right carrier, shippers are at risk of losing key accounts to others who consider service levels as important as freight cost.  

We Have Evolved Freight Procurement

Our freight procurement solutions have changed the very way shippers source carriers! In short, we've eliminated waste, and make a static process dynamic! The result? Shippers have increased tender acceptance rates, reduced truckload costs, and improved key service metrics such as OTD & OTIF.   

Our Story

Growing up as successful freight brokers, our CEO and CIO witnessed first-hand the challenges both shippers and carriers faced with a traditional freight procurement process. So they set out on a mission to build innovative freight procurement software that supports digital transformation within the supply chain, specifically for freight procurement. They also wanted to bring transparency and trust to the foreground, something that has been lacking in transportation and logistics for years!  

Our Commitment To Sustainability 

We're committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility. In fact, 2021 marks our 5th consecutive year as an official SmartWay partner for the important role we play within freight procurement. Our FreightTech solution, OTS, has eliminated fuel consumption by dynamically sourcing the right carriers for loads. And when shippers and carriers are connected-- at the perfect time-- empty miles, along with CO2 emissions, are eliminated making freight transportation more sustainable. But we won't stop there because sustainability remains a key part of our continuous improvement initiative.  


The OTS Zero Risk Guarantee.

We’re committed to providing the best freight procurement solution in the world, and we’re putting our reputation and hard-earned money on the line for it. We’ve developed THE OTS ZERO RISK GUARANTEE to prove that OTS Software reduces truckload cost-- guaranteed! If you don’t receive truckload savings, we’ll give you money back. Activating OTS is a no-risk proposition for shippers! With rising truckload cost, shippers have absolutely nothing to lose! Zero Risk, Maximum Returns. 

To see how our intelligent automation and actionable data will advance freight procurement for your company, schedule a 15-minute demo today!  

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