Named 2022 Procurement Solution of the Year,

Meet the Award-Winning Software that Has Automated Freight Procurement!

With AI-powered technology that dynamically sources compliant carriers– from a self-regulated freight marketplace– shippers uncover resilience, sustainability & cost reduction opportunities to always deliver goods on time, at fair market price no matter market conditions.

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Automation = Resilience & Agility

What’s wrong with the traditional freight procurement process?

Shippers have begun to realize that traditional freight procurement processes can not keep up with disruption. For example, the RFP process locks in freight rates with contracted carriers, and only provides peace of mind that loads will be accepted and delivered on time when the freight market is soft and the shipper is over-paying the contracted carrier. When the market tightens, when disruption occurs, contracted carriers decline contracted rates in lieu of more lucrative business leaving the shipper to scramble to find another truck, or ante up and pay more.

How have shippers evolved their process?

Forward-thinking shippers have reimagined how to source carriers. They have supplemented RFPs, and brokers, with AI-powered technology that dynamically matches loads to the right carrier, at the right time, and at the right price. By doing so, they have reduced labor cost by 30%, reduced truckload cost by 20%, and strengthened on-time delivery (OTD) to 98%+.

Shippers who continue to rely on static workflows, don’t have control over cost and service, which means they are not prepared to effectively manage another major disruption.

Freight Procurement Automation Software [Meet OTS]

AI/ML dynamically sources compliant, asset-based capacity to deliver goods on time, at fair market price.

As a TMS plugin [stand-alone also available], OTS runs seamlessly behind the scenes. Shippers decide where and when to enable OTS within the tender process. Shippers also set desired truckload cost. AI leverages 80+ configured load attributes to dynamically source compliant qualified carriers with daily compliance checks. And with no middlemen, truckload price is set by the carrier.

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Freight Procurement Advanced Analytics [Meet TL360]

Delivers 100% freight procurement data transparency to make informed, data-driven decisions.

With a complete 360-degree view of truckload activity, shippers easily optimize their carrier network by knowing which carriers to keep, add or drop. Shippers also uncover cost reduction opportunities by knowing which factors impact load cost. Executive-level dashboards, and reports, empower the transportation team to effectively report out and upward to leadership.

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World-Class Managed Services

Provides transportation experts focused on-- and compensated on-- customer success metrics, such as truckload savings and OTD %.

To ensure 100% operational excellence, our software package automatically includes standard managed services, such as carrier insurance, OS&D management, carrier payment, DSO management, appointment scheduling and ePOD. Depending on the shipper's unique need enhanced services, such as guaranteed pickup and non-standard assessorials, are also available upon request.

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Our Story

Growing up as successful freight brokers, our CEO and CIO witnessed first-hand the challenges both shippers and carriers faced with a traditional freight procurement process. So they set out on a mission to build innovative freight procurement software that supports digital transformation within the supply chain, specifically for freight procurement. They also wanted to bring transparency and trust to the foreground, something that has been lacking in transportation and logistics for years!

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We’re committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility. In fact, 2022 marks our 6th consecutive year as an official SmartWay partner for the important role we play within freight procurement. Our FreightTech solution, OTS, has reduced fuel consumption by dynamically sourcing the right carriers for loads. And when shippers and carriers are connected– at the perfect time– empty miles, along with CO2 emissions, are reduced making freight transportation more sustainable. But we won’t stop there because sustainability remains a key part of our continuous improvement initiative.




SupplyTech Breakthrough 2022-Sleek Technologies

2022 SupplyTech Breakthough Awards

Procurement Solution of the Year

2022 CogX Award

Shortlist for Best AI Product for
Transportation & Logistics

2022 FreightTech 100

Nominee for Best AI Product for
Transportation & Logistics

2021 SaaS Award

Finalist for Best Saas Product for Shipping,
Inventory, Vehicle Logistics


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