Why Sustainability Must Be Important In Freight Procurement

Freight transportation is a large contributor to air pollution. According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. logistics industry ships millions of tons of goods daily, consuming massive amounts of energy/ oil. By 2045, an increase in global commerce is expected to boost US shipments by 45%. And when the number of shipments increases, so does fuel consumption.

Improving Environmental Performance

Any company involved in the production, distribution, or transportation of goods must have a proactive strategy and plan to reduce air pollution. And thankfully so, most fortune 500 companies do! By measuring, benchmarking, and assessing freight transportation activities, and strategically making better choices that reduce emissions, companies continue to improve their environmental performance. For example, many companies are leveraging smart technology and actionable data to optimize the critical freight procurement process.

Become A SmartWay Partner

Sleek Technologies is also committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility. In fact, this is our 5th consecutive year as an official SmartWay partner for the important role we play within freight procurement. Collectively, SmartWay partners have saved 312 million barrels of oil, $41.8 billion on fuel costs and 133 metric tons of CO2, 2.6 million tons of NOx, and 109 million tons of PM. To become certified, SmartWay requires proof that a company has improved freight transportation by measuring fuel efficiency.

Reduces Empty Freight Miles

Our FreightTech solution, OTS, has eliminated fuel consumption by dynamically sourcing the right carriers for loads. And when shippers and carriers are connected [at the perfect time] empty miles are eliminated which in turn reduces carbon emissions– or in other words air pollutants– which help save our planet.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, over 30% of miles driven today are empty which means the trucks are moving without goods; this equates to millions of metric tons of CO2 emissions that should be avoided. Each time OTS’s proprietary algorithms source a carrier, OTS helps eliminate empty miles.

So join Sleek Technologies, along with our partner carriers, as we continue to reduce carbon emissions and make freight transportation more sustainable.