Need to revitalize your TMS? Here’s a quick and easy tip!

If you are in transportation you are probably familiar with a transportation management system, also called a TMS. Serving as the logistics central hub, the TMS helps shippers plan, execute and optimize the movement of goods with the goals of improving supply chain efficiency while strengthening customer service and compliance. While a TMS offers numerous benefits, as with any software platform, once launched there are often oversights, gaps, and missed opportunities. Many shippers believe they are stuck with what they have because there is a preconceived notion that it is difficult to modify or upgrade your TMS without consuming more resources or disrupting day-to-day business. This is simply not true.

TMS Software Plugin Upgrades TMS Without Disrupting Business

Software plugins can quickly and easily enhance the performance of existing software systems by adding new features and functions not available, or not required when implemented. For logistics specifically,a new innovative TMS plugin has helped transportation teams easily advance the freight procurement process by providing access to thousands of complaint carriers in seconds using AI/ML algorithms. Shippers have stated that many TMS platforms do not provide advanced freight procurement solutions, which results in shippers spending hours finding and vetting compliant carriers. They also spend time manually tracking shipments and then dealing with carrier invoicing and billing. All of these time-consuming tasks can now be automated using technological advancements.

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