Save Time.

Save Money. 

Introducing Sleek Match Engine. The only transportation engine that uses machine learning to match the ideal carrier to every load- every time. Plus, shippers obtain actionable insights shared nowhere else on the planet.

It's no secret that the transportation industry is fragmented. Massive amounts of data are stored on different platforms causing data decentralization, making it difficult to reach an ideal state for a stable recommendation engine. Until now, many companies have tried and failed because the data set remains in a perpetual "cold start" state.

Sleek engineers, and data scientists, overcame the data density dilemma by developing Sleek Match Engine, a proprietary, hybrid engine that uses machine learning, smart business rules, predictive algorithms, and a system of measures to gauge the likelihood of a specific driver to have interest in a particular load.

  • Match Engine uses internal Sleek historic load data for mapping location, equipment & other variables.

  • Match Engine overlays multiple external data sources to expand carrier pool to find perfect driver.

  • Match Engine is scalable so new functionality can be added. 
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