Looking for Additional Capacity, Along with Cost Control?

Shipper Capacity & Cost Control

Have you heard about Sleek OTS Plugin? Sleek OTS Plugin was designed to help our shipper customers navigate market fluctuation. OTS, Optimal Transportation Spend, places capacity, and freight cost control, in the hands of shippers. To learn more about OTS, read The Executive’s Guide to OTS, click here.

Sleek OTS Plugin offers many benefits to shippers:

Additional Capacity:

When capacity tightens chances are a shipper’s primary carrier network acceptance rates are declining. Shippers are left to find other means to move freight. Sleek OTS Plugin automatically opens up a dynamic carrier network to immediately increase shipper tender acceptance and capacity.

Cost Control:

Sleek OTS Plugin helps shippers control cost by stabilizing rates throughout the year to reduce cost overruns. “Using non-contracted rates to move freight can cost an arm and a leg”, said Mike Edwards, Sleek Technologies Enterprise Sales Leader. “As loads move down the waterfall tender process the cost increases on average 15% for the second carrier and 25% for the third carrier.” Once the load is accepted, the shipper is left wondering what percentage of the total cost went to the broker/ middleman versus the driver.

With Sleek OTS Plugin, shippers pre-set a NBAp, next best alternative price. Once the NBAp is defined, capacity opens, and drivers have the ability to bid directly on the shipper’s freight. There is no middleman, so drivers take home 100% of the total cost tendered. In the end, without the middleman, the shipper saves money by leveraging OTS and NBAp, while the carrier makes more revenue per load.

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