How to Guarantee You Always Pay a Fair Truckload Price

The one thing all truckload shippers want to know, in order to deliver goods on time while paying a fair market price, is who are the most efficient and cost-effective carriers for each load. Unfortunately, shippers find it hard to answer this burning question because there are massive data gaps due to a lack of data transparency. For example, shippers who still rely on brokers to haul freight, never know what the truck is paid. They can only assume that the broker is taking some % markup. This makes it difficult to know what the true truckload market cost is at that moment in time so proper optimizations can be made.

Technology startups have entered the marketplace to close these data gaps and help shippers make informed real-time decisions. For example, AI-powered automation software dynamically finds and vets compliant carriers, and then has carriers bid directly on the load. Shippers gain full visibility on what the truck wants to get paid to help level-set pricing across the entire carrier network while strengthening service levels. Advanced freight procurement data, with 100% data transparency, makes it possible to know which carriers to keep, add or drop so the shipper is always in the know and can rest assured they are paying the right price. Gone are the days where logistics teams spend hours trying to source a compliant carrier, or where important decisions are made based on gut and intuition. With today’s unprecedented disruption, shippers need dynamic, real-time tools that support quick pivots especially as freight market conditions fluctuate. Implementing software, especially technology that seamlessly plugs directly into existing platforms, provides an easy alternative.

Complimentary Lane Analysis

If a full truckload shipper is looking to better understand a specific lane, for a limited time, we’ll provide a complimentary synopsis that includes information such as average truckload cost, available capacity, seasonality considerations, etc on the origin and destination zip codes in question. All the shipper needs to do is provide some basic info by filling out this form.

This blog is written by Tashi Budilovsky.  Tashi is a Sales Development Representative with Sleek Technologies.  She graduated from Indiana University and has over 15 years of experience in logistics and transportation.