Does Your Transportation Team Have OTS?

Managing a transportation and logistics budget is arguably the most difficult job within a company. Why? Because the team has zero control over a variety of variables (like weather) that can impact goods arriving on time and within the planned budget.

One new way to manage market fluctuations (and ultimately the transportation budget) is by ensuring the team has an OTS solution. What is OTS? OTS stands for optimal transportation spend. If a shipper has an OTS solution they avoid higher costs and delays in delivery times during tight market conditions. In short, OTS helps shippers bypass brokers, and the costly spot market. OTS provides direct access to carriers (cutting out the middleman cost). OTS also provides 100% rate transparency so the shipper can understand true market cost on a specific lane– the shipper will finally know what the driver is getting paid to move the load, not just one total cost that usually contains a hefty broker margin.

OTS, was designed to integrate and run behind the scenes in a shipper’s Transportation Management Systems (TMS). During the waterfall tender process, OTS solution provides additional carrier options based on the load attributes and the carriers SLA scorecard, enhancing the carrier pool and removing brokers and the costly spot market. OTS automatically opens up capacity and uses a predefined next best alternative price set by the shipper. Once the load is tendered, the shipper immediately sees the cost to move the load in their TMS, and immediate savings are realized based on the NBAp. To learn more about OTS, read A Quick Read: The Executive’s Guide to OTS (Optimal Truckload Spend).

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